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5 Moms You Will Run Into At The PTA Meeting

5 Moms You Will Run Into At The PTA Meeting

If you have school aged children, then you have probably found yourself at a PTA meeting. These meetings are a great place to meet other parents, volunteer for school events, and sign up for the next bake sale. For the most part, the PTA is a positive experience, but there are cliques and former mean girls that you will have to learn to deal with.   


Overachiever Mom

Not only is this mom the President of the PTA,  but she is also the head class mother, and is in charge of the school fundraiser. She basically runs the school. The principal consults her before making any decisions and the teachers kowtow to her, mainly because they are afraid of her. Steer clear of the overachiever mom or you will find yourself agreeing to chair the newest committee.


Clueless Mom

This mom can barely remember what day it is, much less when the field trip money is due. The only reason she is at the PTA meeting is because she thought tonight was the school carnival.


Drama Queen Mom

Anything can set this mom off. She is all drama, all the time. This mom is resistant to any change to her child’s routine. It’s her way or the highway. You want to be on her good side, because you sure as hell don’t want her to be against you.


Gossip Mom

This mom knows everyone’s business. You can’t wait to cozy up next to her to get the latest scoop. Beware not to share too much with her unless you want the whole school to know your intimate secrets too.


It’s Wine O’Clock Somewhere Mom

If she could bring a thermos filled with wine to the meeting with her, she would. Truth is about 5 minutes into the meeting you are going to wish you had a thermos full of wine too.

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