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When I came up with the idea for Beyond The Crib, I was looking for an outlet for my writing talents. I was a mom with a few little ones and I enjoyed participating in online conversations about parenting. Over the years, I cultivated a national network of moms and families with whom I still remain very close. At various times, Beyond The Crib has been a blog, a product review site, and a local parenting forum, but somehow these never felt complete to me.

I am the mother to 8 children, ranging in age from 22 to 6. If my teenage daughters have taught me anything, it is that the journey beyond the crib doesn’t end when they are out of diapers. They need us every day, and the challenges they face are far different and come at them faster than they did for me. As moms we might worry that we are not guiding them correctly, but one thing I have come to realize is that no one judges us as hard as we judge ourselves. June Cleaver may have been the perfect mom in the perfect little family in her perfect little house. In reality, life is not perfect, and there are dishes in my sink that I need to tend to.  

Currently, I am a freelance social media editor for the TODAY Show as well as a writer. I am also a TODAY Show Parenting Team contributor and my writing can be found on TODAY, Scary Mommy, Mamalode, MomItForward, The Motherlode, and Mamapedia.

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