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Celebrating “Me Time” With Milano Cookies

Celebrating “Me Time” With Milano Cookies

“Mommy, what time is it?”

A little head popped around the shower curtain. I had only snuck away a few minutes prior, leaving my husband on the couch with the kids.

“Is daddy still on the couch (in the room with 2 clocks)?” I asked.

Linus smiled, “Yes! What time is it Mommy?”

“Go ask Daddy, and lock the door on your way out!”

Has the same scenario played out in your house as well?

It’s time to reclaim some “me time.”

These days, the start of spring signals that it is time to start deep cleaning and decluttering the house. Those fun spring breaks of my youth seem so far away. I may not be able to jet off to resort get away, but I can carve out some moments just for me.

All moms need some well deserved pampering.


Spa Day

Are you in the midst of dance recitals, moving up ceremonies, and orchestra concerts? Spring is such a busy time, especially when you have little ones (or big ones) in school. You deserve a little indulgence once in awhile. You did sew a million and two sequins on your child’s costume for the school play. Grab a lavender bath bomb, your favorite book, and a package of Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Milano cookies. Did you know you could experience such luxury surrounded by your kid’s favorite rubber duckies?


Netflix and Yum!

Can’t wait to binge watch your favorite show? Tuck in the kids and head to the couch for a evening of action, laughs, and yummy treats!


Snack Time

I don’t know how it is in your house, but I can hardly keep the pantry stocked when the kids are home from school. They are hungry all day long. You deserve a tasty mid-afternoon treat as well — Goldfish and juice boxes for them, Strawberry Milanos for you. It’s a win-win situation!


Drop-off Bliss

Waiting at soccer, baseball, or gymnastics? Reach into your purse (or glove box) for a favorite treat. Fire up your tablet, catch up on the latest celebrity gossip and take 15 minutes for yourself. Goal!


Tea For One

Are the kids finally playing quietly? Brew a cup of your favorite tea, close your eyes, and enjoy the moment.

How do you take a little time for yourself?


This post is sponsored by Milano cookies, but the thoughts and opinions expressed are entirely my own. Milano cookies Save Something For Yourself campaign actively celebrates women who redefine the art of compromise by savoring “me” moments in creative ways.


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