15 Reasons You Deserve A Kick Ass Gift This Mother’s Day:

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1. Your child borrowed your Sharpie and made a pretty picture on the dining room table, sans paper.

2. Your lipstick resembles a melted candle thanks to a game of "beauty salon."

3. The baby learned how to take off his diaper and you found out he is a very prolific performance artist.

4. One word – Glitter.

5. You have pumped in a variety of places including a public restroom at a baseball stadium.

6. Your son sleepwalked into his sister's room and peed in her closet, thinking he was in the bathroom.

7. Thanks to Dora, you wake up from a sound sleep screaming "Map! Map!"

8. Despite your lack of wings, you are the tooth fairy.

9. When your mother-in-law asks you where the baby's socks are, you just smile politely.

10. Your daughter not only finds your gray hairs, but she plucks them for you too.

11. You wash your hair with baby shampoo because the kids think your shampoo smells so much better.

12. Your toddler's mouth has no filter.

13. You have stepped on a LEGO in the middle of the night.

14. You can't quit when you are having a bad day.

15. You have one of the hardest jobs in the world and you wouldn't trade it for anything.



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