22 Weeks

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For 22 weeks I carried you.

In those 5 months you started to resemble a tiny newborn.

I experienced 154 days filled with hope, wonder, and blissful innocence.

3,696 hours were spent imagining every detail of you.

I cradled you in my arms for 221,760 minutes.

You were my constant companion for 13,140,000 seconds.

Then, in one millisecond it all ended with the last beat of your heart.

I was only given 6 hours to memorize all 11 ounces of you.

1,185 days ago was the last time I kissed your sweet face.

It has been 3 years and 3 months of grief, mourning, and finally, acceptance.

You have been missed for 1,706,400 minutes.

I have spent 102,384,000 seconds wishing that I could turn back time so I can relive those 22 weeks with you.


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