A New Prince And A Mommy Tummy

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Earlier this week, we, or should I say I, sat with my eyes glued to the screen, hoping to catch a glimpse of the future king of England. My kids did not protest my viewing choice as they discussed possible names for the new heir to the throne.

Finally, the happy family emerged from the Lindo Wing of St. Mary's Hospital.

“Why does she still look pregnant?” gasped my son, Evan.

As the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge showed off Prince George Alexander Louis for the first time, what caught the eye of many people was not the future King of England, but Kate's post-childbirth silhouette. Underneath her cute, empire waist, polka-dot dress she sported a little bump.

Personally, I love that she came out proud of her mommy tummy, for all the world to see.

I have seen way too many celebrities parading around in bikinis just three weeks after childbirth. That is not reality. At least, I hope it's not. Maybe celebrities have the inside scoop on where to buy industrial strength Spanx.

I would like to believe that those photos of new celebrity moms are photoshopped or the result of drastic plastic surgery measures. Most celebrities hide until they are camera worthy. I didn't have that luxury, parading myself around town dressed to the nines in elastic waistbands and stretched out maternity shirts.

My mother-in-law boasts that she never had a doughy mid-section. She has told me, more than once, that she walked out of the hospital the same size she was before pregnancy.

Either tabloids speak the truth or miracles do exist.

My tummy has been far from flat for some time now. I walked out of the hospital over 17 years ago with a kangaroo pouch large enough to carry my new baby in.

Evan's reaction was most likely based on the fact that I am so fluffy that after pregnancy, my new mommy pouch blended in with the rest of me.

My son was not the only person shocked by Kate's post-pregnancy bump.

But why?

Like any woman who has just given birth, she still looked pregnant.

Did Kate consciously chose to send a message to the world that this is what new mothers really look like, or was she so totally in love with her new son to even be bothered with the fact that she is sporting a mommy pouch?

Kate obviously does not have a self-conscious bone in her body. After handing the baby off to her husband, she even clasped her hands together underneath her belly, clearly not trying to hide it. I, on the other hand, have been known to hold the baby in front of me, like a human shield, hiding my pouch from the general public.

After childbirth it can take a few weeks to shed the pregnancy pounds and up to a full year to get your old body back.

For me, let's just say that time has gone a little slower.

Kate's fashion choices seem to always be carefully planned out. Serving as the Dutchess of Cambridge, her physical appearance defines who she is. Obviously, Kate does not feel that she needs to hide her maternal features.

If only more women, including myself, felt this way.








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