At The Orchard

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It may have been a chilly morning,but we were excited to set out on Linus’ first ever field trip. He has been teaching me how to pick apples all week long. “You reach up, grab it,and twist,” he instructed. DSCF2750

He is so tiny, he was able to sit on a branch to have a pick of the apples that grew way over his head.DSCF2766

He was a pro at apple picking. Then again, he amazes me every day. DSCF2755




I am so lucky to have my boy and be able to experience all this again.DSCF2758



He couldn’t wait to get his hands on a pumpkin. Now all he talks about is the Jack o Lantern he wants to carve.DSCF2810



Linus loved having Daddy and Mommy all to himself today.


When I look at that face I can still hear him giggling as we toured the orchard during the hay ride. I wish I could bottle up that little laugh and keep it with me forever.

This is my last preschool field trip, as my baby will be off to Kindergarten next fall. The taste of cider and doughnuts will always remind me of crisp fall air on my cheeks and a sweet little hand holding mine.

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