Turkey Trotting

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The kids were excited to run in their first Turkey Trot. Katie led the warm up stretches. All set for the 1 mile kid’s race! Happy Thanksgiving!

LEGO and Laundry

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Introducing your child to LEGOs can actually help with housework. Don’t believe me? It’s true. LEGO has been a huge part of gift giving for the past 19 years or so, but my love of LEGO started many years before. … Continued

Newton’s Third Law of E(motion)

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Today, I would like to welcome Norine from Science of Parenthood. You all know the joy of finding the perfect gift. Your excitement builds exponentially until it is finally time to for that special someone to open “the best gift ever.” Most of the times, … Continued

Defy Gravity with Wubble X

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Last year, I introduced my kids to the Wubble Ball. One of our favorite outdoor activities is blowing bubbles. Imagine you could blow a bubble that is strong enough to withstand hours of play. If that sounds like something your kids … Continued

Alternative Spring Break

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“Guess where I’m going for Spring Break?” I was a newly minted mom of a college freshman, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Daytona Beach? Concerts? Dancing? Carson Daly? No, wait, that was MTV’s Spring Break. It shouldn’t have … Continued

Do Unto Others

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My cell phone starts buzzing in my pocket. Checking the caller id, I notice it is the middle school. Oops, I guess my daughter’s “stomach ache” must not have been related to the big math test. I answer expecting to … Continued