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Eptesicus fuscus (Big Brown Bat)

Emilie pulled back the curtains and there he was sleeping on the window frame in my dining room.

We had a bat in our house once before, when Evan was a baby. This brazen bat climbed in a hole in our screen window and flew over our heads as I totally overreacted calmly walked the kids to my bedroom, where we hid under the covers. Mr. bat found us, sliding under the bedroom door and swooping down over us as I tried to distract the kids with videos on the Nickelodeon website. Bats and Dora don’t go together very well. We finally were able to secure our little friend in the bathroom.

A nice man from a wildlife organization came to our house late at night to catch the bat. He walked in with an empty pint of ice cream. Maybe he had a snack on his way over?

He walked in the bathroom. Placed the container over the bat, and in one swoop, captured him.

Bat flavored ice cream, anyone?

Pint of Ice Cream


This time we caught the bat ourselves. Now we are waiting for the “batman” to come get him. Linus even put on his Batman shoes.

He is so excited to meet the real Batman. I think he may be a little disappointed.

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