Battle Scars

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Linus was born a warrior.

1 pound, 8 ounces of exuberant determination came barreling into our lives at full speed.

Today, he carries his battle scars with pride.

A small white scar on the underside of his nose tells the tale of the weeks Linus required assistance breathing.

From a ventilator doing all of the work for him, to CPAP, to a nasal cannula, this boy had it all under control.

The day his face was finally unobstructed from tubes and wires was a joyous one.

IVs, countless heel pricks, and blood draws left their marks on his little body.  Linus was so tiny that he couldn't cry out, so I cried for him.

These marks faded until they were no longer visible. I wear these scars on my heart instead.

Yet, the one scar remains to remind us of the miracle we were blessed to witness, our preemie warrior, Linus.




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