Bejeweled and Twister House Party

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My family was so excited that I was selected to host a Bejeweled and Twister HouseParty. The best part was that the party date coincided with Lucie's birthday.

Walking in to the living room, your eyes couldn't help but be drawn to the dessert table, which was adorned with many brightly colored candies and lollypops. My kids couldn't wait to dig in. My selection of sweets would have made Willy Wonka proud.

My guests stayed entertained with a whirlwind of fun activities. As the girls arrived, they were ushered into the salon, also know as the dining room. Three stations were set up – nails, face painting, and glitter tattoos. Our guests were transformed into butterflies and vampires, while their nails were painted bright jewel tones that complimented the game boards. The tattoos were generously supplied by Hasbro and House Party, and featured Twister and Bejeweled logos.

We started off our evening of games by playing the Twister Rave Ringz game. Everyone, including the parents were twisting, snapping and clapping while they played along to their favorite dance songs.

Twister was a big hit with the kids. They had so much fun getting tangled and twisted around each other. My little gymnasts took turns standing on their hands.

The Bejeweled face to face game brings the popular digital game to life. I am not sure who had more fun, the adults or the children. I love the fact that while they are having fun, my little ones are learning about colors and patterns. The gems sparkle as they swapped gems to create matches of three or more to collect coins.

House Party also sent Simply Cheetos White Cheddar Puffed Corn snack bags for our guests to snack on. The white cheddar allows you to indulge without the telltale sign of Cheetos addiction – orange fingertips!

I had a lot of fun planning Twister and Bejewled themed cakes. A rectangular cake covered in homemade marshmallow fondant was turned into a Twister mat. My cupcakes were anything but ordinary as I transformed them into Bejeweled game pieces using colorful rock candy.


My kids and neighbors cannot wait until I host my next House Party.



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