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Queen Latifah!

Blogher '13 had everything…except me.

Sitting at home watching my Twitter feed this weekend made me feel like the only teenage girl not invited to the cool party of the year. Except I was invited, if only my mean mother bank account would have let me go.

Last year, when the BlogHer conference was in New York, I had only been seriously blogging for a few months. While I was longing to be there, I felt like too much of a newbie to venture into the city.

I need to find a way to get to BlogHer '14 next year. There is so much I can learn from all of the amazing bloggers I have met online. Plus, it would be great to socialize with all of these great women,some of whom I am proud to call, friend. I haven't had a girls night out in years and BlogHer seems like the perfect remedy for that.

Last week, I started following @BlogHeratHome, a place for us non-attendees to meet up and network. Along with the play by play on Twitter, it was almost like I was there.


This weekend I attended many lectures on the importance of kids and cell phones as well as the traits of mean mothers. I also was able to participate in the 12 hour long removal of 3 splinters from Lucie's hand, filled with adventure and danger as I avoided being struck by one of her swinging legs.

My days were filled with performance art, spa treatments, and moving speeches tantrums

I learned how soft your skin will feel after a peanut butter spa treatment. Note: peanut butter is not water soluble.

Library fun and a swag bag filled with books and DVDs that earned me a few hours of quiet time. 

I attended a kid's clinic at Lowe's where not only did I get to help make a wooden car, but my finger was only smashed by a hammer 4 times.

Josie taught me that white glue on a hardwood floor is just like finger paint. I would have never guessed.


I hope everyone that attended BlogHer'13 had a great time.

Go ahead, twist my arm. I think I can pull myself away from all of this to join you next year.


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