Breast Milk Rememberances

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We all have cute remembrances of our little ones, whether it be cute little handprints preserved in clay or a lock of hair from the first hair cut.  Some people even save the umbilical cord stump. I'll admit, the weirdest thing I have saved was a pregnancy test, which I eventually threw away.  Did you know after a year or two, the lines fade?  Today, I stumbled upon the new hot accessory for moms, breast milk jewelry.  

The jewelry can be found on the handmade marketplace,Etsy, at Milk Mom Baby and Mommy Milk Creations.  On Milk Mom Baby, have the option of buying a "Do It Yourself" kit for breast milk preservation or you can send your milk to them and they will create what looks like a little cheesy ball of breast milk which you can then put in the locket of your choosing.  According to Milk Mom Baby's site, "These kits are perfect for baby shower gifts, a mom's night in, or as a fun activity to do with your local breast feeding support group."   Not sure this would be a great group activity, but  I am all for breastfeeding awareness.  I would be so afraid the locket would open and that little ball of milk would fall on someone's lap. On the other hand, Mommy Milk Creations creates a bead of milk which is then suspended in a resin charm.  You would never suspect the charm contained breast milk.  

Prices range from $15 for the Do It Yourself kit and can go as high as $125 for a double layered pendant with matching chain.  

This is a very interesting concept.  I treasured the months I was able to nurse my babies.  There were times when I struggled to maintain my supply.  A few of my children had issues with weight gain.  Even though I wound up having to supplement most of my babies with formula at some point, I value the time I was able to nurse them.  It was our special bonding time.   I am very proud to say that out of eight children, I was able to nurse Alice exclusively, even through my pregnancy with Lucie, and she never received a bottle.

In their description, Mommy Milk Creations says, "This will be a keepsake to remind you of the breastfeeding bond between you and your child for a lifetime. A handmade pendant or keepsake made from your own milk to last forever. This pendant will last you a life time and server as a reminder of the time you made breast-milk. What a wonderful way to preserve the 'liquid gold' that we are only able to make for certain period of time. This can be passed down for generations and what a fantastic gift to give to your child, the root of their survival. Amazing."  

I am not sure I would want to pass it down to my children, then again, my kids are not old enough, and would probably say, "Ewwww!"

I would love to hear your opinions on this new mommy trend.  Would you wear a bead of your preserved breast milk?



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