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As I prepared for my first child, I began my search for a way to keep her warm when we would go on outings. Snowsuits were so bulky, and made it hard to buckle her in her seat. Then ,came the problem of having to get her in and out of the snowsuit while at the store. Even worse, getting a sleeping a child out of the snowsuit, without waking her when we arrived home. After struggling through six winters and the battle of the snowsuits, I found the Bundle Me by JJ Cole.

The Bundle Me attaches to the car seat, rather easily, if I do say so myself, and takes the place of a heavy jacket or snowsuit. The front panel zippers on and off so that you can remove it if your baby gets too warm once indoors. The inner panel can be let in the car seat and is not only comfy, but a good way to protect your car seat from spit up and diaper explosions. The Original Bundle Me is made from a heavy fleece material. Bundle Me Lite is made from a lightweight material with a nylon shell. It is great for cool summer evenings or for protecting baby from the sun or rain. Bundle Me can be used in car seats or strollers and works with 3/5 point harnesses, and is recommended for ages 0-12 months.


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