No Naps!

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As the mom to eight kids, I have broken my share of parenting rules as my family grew. With my older children, nap time and bedtime was strictly enforced. Now, our busy schedules find us running from activity to activity. … Continued

Get Lost in a Book

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I was always the kid with her nose in a book. Quite precocious, my love of reading started when I was four. Sitting on my grandpa’s lap, I would sound out the words in the advertisements as he read the … Continued

The Gift

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A few months ago, we received an rather unexpected gift. We were a bit taken aback because we were not expecting anything to arrive. I placed the package to the side and waited to open it. After a day or … Continued

Preserving Memories

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“Click, Instagram, every day!” Every time I pick up my phone to snap a picture, my son starts to sing. It has gotten to the point where I can hear him even when he is not home. Am I really … Continued

Christmas Cookies

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The holiday season is upon us. The past couple of weeks have found me busy with decorating and wrapping presents. This time of year also means that it’s time to bake (and eat) cookies. Between baking homemade gifts from my … Continued

Look at Josie Go!

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When Josie collected $5 from the tooth fairy she declared she was going to save her money to buy a scooter — a pink one! Josie has had a lot of experience with scooters. In fact, when we toured preschools … Continued

Shark Rocket Powerhead

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A few years ago, I instituted a chore chart in order to teach my children basic household responsibilities. Chore charts teach responsibility and help encourage kids to set goals. By linking responsibilities to privileges, we can reward responsible behavior and provide consequences … Continued