Recycled Halloween Crayons

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Looking for a candy-free treat this Halloween?  Celebrate by giving out these cute recycled crayons to your trick or treaters and party goers. If your art and crafts drawer is anything like mine, it is probably filled with  dozens of discarded or broken crayons. Instead … Continued

How To Survive Bedtime

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After I had my first baby, every “Congratulations” was followed by “Sleep when the baby sleeps.” I heard horror stories of babies who stayed up all night from mothers who told me a little Benedryl never hurt anyone. To this … Continued

Two Empty Spaces

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October is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. It is also the month I gave birth to my second sleeping boy. Five years have passed, and still the changing colors of the leaves brings me right back to that day.   There are … Continued

Left Handed

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Josie tried to convince the aide at Religious Education that she wrote with her left hand. With 35 years teaching experience behind her, she could not be swayed. Josie is clearly right handed. My girl let her stubborn streak show as she argued, “My … Continued

Campfire Pizza

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When planning the menu for your next camping trip, you should consider having pizza. I am not saying you should check out the closest take-out restaurant. You can enjoy that delicious brick oven taste without leaving the campground by following … Continued