Look at Josie Go!

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When Josie collected $5 from the tooth fairy she declared she was going to save her money to buy a scooter — a pink one! Josie has had a lot of experience with scooters. In fact, when we toured preschools … Continued

Shark Rocket Powerhead

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A few years ago, I instituted a chore chart in order to teach my children basic household responsibilities. Chore charts teach responsibility and help encourage kids to set goals. By linking responsibilities to privileges, we can reward responsible behavior and provide consequences … Continued

Defy Gravity with Wubble X

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Last year, I introduced my kids to the Wubble Ball. One of our favorite outdoor activities is blowing bubbles. Imagine you could blow a bubble that is strong enough to withstand hours of play. If that sounds like something your kids … Continued

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