Cupcake Wars

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Like any other parent, I want to see my children do well and achieve their goals. I am there to offer advice, as long as they are asking, and even sometimes if they're not. My assistance is always available. Even though I would do anything within my power to help them succeed, I would never do the work for them or try to sabotage another in order for that to happen.

Today, I am totally disgusted with the way another parent treated my child.

Abigail has been looking forward to competing in a local cupcake competition aimed towards teenagers. All profits went towards a worthy cause for the prevention of drug abuse. For weeks, Abigail has been bouncing ideas off of us. She finalized her recipes, planned out her color scheme, and baked all night long. 

Beaming with pride, Abigail started setting up her cupcake station. I helped her assemble her signage and offered advice on placement of her display. She was sharing a table with two other contestants. One of the mothers shot Abigail with an icy glare from the moment she walked in. Each entrant had a bowl placed in front of them to collect ballots. As Abigail handed out samples and spoke to participants, she noticed this mother taking ballots out of her bowl and putting them in her son's. Abigail took her bowl and moved it out of the other mother's reach, and tried not to let it upset her. From that point on she watched her bowl very closely.

Another woman kept taking the chocolate covered strawberries that were decorating Abigail's station. Luckily, Abigail brought extras and she was able to replace what was taken. This woman had the nerve to tell Abigail that she shouldn't put the strawberries out because they were not cupcakes, and then proceeded to walk over and take them off of the plate and eat them. Another woman who was standing by the table asked Abigail if people were supposed to take the strawberries. When Abigail told her no, the woman told her to "just stab her with the knife" next time. That made Abigail laugh. I assure you, no stabbings took place.

I still can't get over the mother taking the ballots from Abigail. Why would you think it is a good idea to teach your child that cheating is acceptable? Was it worth taking my daughter's ballots on the off chance it would earn your son a trophy. In case you are wondering, he didn't win anything either.

A few ballots here and there wouldn't have made a difference in the outcome of the contest. Abigail was so happy to be there. She met interesting people and many people complimented her on her hard work. Abigail might even get featured in an article someone is writing about the event. I am keeping my eyes open for it.  

I give Abigail a lot of credit for taking this on less than 24 hours after her surgery. She is so passionate about baking. It is her therapy. Whenever Abigail has a bad day, you will find her in the kitchen trying out a new recipe. Don't be surprised if in a few years she is running the new haute bakery in town.

Look out world, here she comes!



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