Desperately Seeking Side Braid

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I have a burning question.  How do women throw their hair up in a messy side braid and look like they are going to walk the red carpet?  These women appear to easily braid their hair off to the side.  The braid is twisted just so certain pieces fall out in the right places.  Wispy strands perfectly frame their face, and they look gorgeous.

I braid my hair off to the side and I look like I ran out of the house without brushing my hair. 

I have the same problem with ponytails.  How do you pull your hair into a ponytail and look like you are going out to a club?  Sadly, when I put my hair up in a ponytail, I look like I am going to scrub the floors or workout at the gym.  No, it looks like I've already worked out at the gym – frizzy and limp.

I have one hairstyle – down.

Where do you learn the secret of the side braid? 






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