Duracell Powers My Holiday #PowerTheHolidays

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Christmas music is slowly taking over the radio stations, decorations are slowly creeping up everywhere, and there is talk of Santa Claus and his sleigh filled with toys.

While I was out at the store today, I ventured down the toy aisle to check out this year's hottest toys. I made a mental checklist of everything I need to purchase.

Cool astronaut toy – Check!

Interactive puppy – Check!

Remote controlled car – Check!

Wrapping paper – Check!

Tape – Check!

Duracell batteries – Check!

I flipped each of the toy boxes around to tally up how many of each type of battery I was going to need to make sure that Christmas morning goes off without a hitch. Duracell CopperTop All-Purpose alkaline batteries are available in AA, AAA, C, D and 9V. I grabbed a few packs of each variety because I certainly do not want to end up with a disappointed child under my tree.

Duracell batteries are the only batteries I trust to power my holidays. Duracell batteries are so long-lasting that I sometimes feel like I never have to change the batteries in the toys and remotes, like I do when I use other brands. Duracell batteries power all of our toys and electronics that are bound to see a lot of use.

My mom used to stick a pack of Duracell batteries on top of my Christmas packages each year. Now that I am a mom, the Duracell batteries are among the best gifts you will find under my tree. I mean, what good is a animatronic dinosaur without the power to get him moving.

These 4 packs make great stocking stuffers!


Remember to buy extra Duracell batteries to keep the holiday fun going strong all day and night long.


Happy Holidays!



This is a sponsored post for She Speaks/Duracell.



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