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My 24 week miracle is four today.

After Linus was born and stabilized, the Neonatolgist came over to me and Pierre as my OB was finishing up with my cesarean section.

We were told that our baby’s skull had not formed completely in the back.

Horrible thoughts filled my head, but I kept pushing them down. Mentally I prepared myself for the worst.

I bargained with God to let him live. I couldn’t handle another death after losing two boys at 22 and 25 weeks the year before.

I was excited and afraid to walk into the NICU that first day. I told myself not to get too attached, but I was already in love.

X rays confirmed the missing bone. Looking at him, I could see a flap of skin bunched up where his skull should have been whole. I placed my hands in the incubator and only saw perfection.

As the weeks progressed I didn’t dwell on his skull, instead I marveled at the ginger colored hair growing in.

By the time we were preparing for discharge, the bone grew in a miracle happened. Linus’ skull was perfectly formed, His head was a little flat, but 3 months in a helmet cured that.

I celebrate this amazing little man every day, even when he challenges me.

Today, Linus requested a blue cake, blue candles, and a blue present. As luck will have it, there were 5 different blue cakes to choose from.

photo 2 (2)

It was an easy decision. Linus love butterflies. He excitedly chases after them and tries to catch them.

Their delicate wings remind me how fragile he once was.

photo 3 (1)

Four brings with it many challenges and joys.

Four is strong and opinionated.

Four blows raspberries and climbs trees.

Four is curled up next to me, asleep while I type.

Happy birthday, sweet boy.





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