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The colorful mailer from Victoria's Secret was tucked in-between bills and circulars. Normally, I would probably have thrown it out, but something made me open it.

I am not one to get overly excited about underpants. Also, its been 4 babies since I bought anything at Victoria's Secret. Opening the mailer, I noticed three coupons. They were circular and colorful, like pieces of candy, you couldn't help but want whatever they were selling.

Free Panties! 

I don't even think the mailman was down the block before I hopped in the car and headed to the mall.

Undergarments have not been a priority lately. Fancy panties at Victoria's Secret or back to school clothes for the kids?  Needless to say, I usually wear ten cent clearance panties from K-Mart.

The thought of getting something from Victoria's Secret excited me. How I longed to wear something pretty. Funny how a silky pair of panties can really lift your spirits.

I walked into the magical wonderland that is Victoria's Secret and instantly felt largely inadequate. I felt that the mannequins sporting angel wings and lingerie were judging me as I walked by. It has been a long time since I felt desirable. Looking at the mothers walking around with their teenage daughters, it dawned on my that the roles had reversed.  I couldn't help but feel that I didn't belong.

Gingerly, I approached the panty display. As I looked down, suddenly, it hit me. The largest size Victoria's Secret carries is Large. I realized that was probably part of the reason I stopped shopping there. It's been about four babies since I was a Large.

I looked over at the saleswoman pleadingly. "Do you have larger sizes?" I asked.

"Sorry, that's the largest we carry," she explained. She grabbed a pair and stretched them as far as her arms could reach. "They are very stretchy," she said. 

Motioning to the pair I was clutching, described as "Cheeky", she explained that this style will show a bit more cheek on me. 

Umm, ok.

So there I was at the register, buying a pair of panties that would need to stretch beyond their limits to fit, and then once they are on, wouldn't even cover my rear. 

Now, there is a little pink striped bag, with the Victoria's Secret logo emblazoned on it, sitting on my dresser. 

Such a pretty little reminder that I don't need that piece of chocolate or that pint bowl of ice cream.
















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