Grocery Shopping With A Toddler

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Grocery Shopping With A Toddler

Dress toddler

Put shoes on toddler

Put shoes back on toddler

Pack baby bag

Run back in house for sippy cup

Buckle toddler in car

Drive to grocery store

Put shoes back on toddler

Drive to store

Remember toddler needs a haircut

Reassure screaming toddler when clippers come out

Get rubber duck out of prize machine

Reassure screaming toddler because machine scared him

Head to grocery store

Locate shopping cart

Buckle toddler in cart

Rebuckle toddler

Notice today's prized possesion (the rubber duck) has been dropped

Retrace steps through grocery store as toddler calls "duck, duck, duck…"

Resist urge to say "goose!"

Rebuckle toddler

Backtrack through store as toddler become distressed yelling "quack, quack, quack…"

Rebuckle toddler

Rebuckle toddler

Try to reassure toddler, as he screams and grocery store patrons look at you, shaking their heads

Carry toddler

Reason with toddler that he needs to sit

Rebuckle toddler

Look like a fool as you get down on the grocery store floor to find duck

Crawl under every shelf and table in store as toddler calls "duck, duck, duck…"

Finally find duck under table in fish section

Hand toddler duck and watch as he promptly puts it in his mouth

Calculate how long it takes for strep/measles/chicken pox to incubate

Head to checkout with whatever groceries you have managed to throw in the cart while looking for duck and rebuckling toddler

Pay for groceries

Buckle toddler in car

Remember you need juice

Stop at second grocery store

Leave duck in car

Carry screaming toddler through store

Buy juice

Let toddler help pack groceries

Buckle toddler in car

Give toddler a snack

Head home



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