Having Fun With My Peeps

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My earliest Easter memories involve white boxes from the candy shop filled with red jellybeans (my favorite), white chocolate bunnies (I had some weird allergy to milk chocolate as a child), and Peeps.  Easter was the only time of year that my mother would allow me to eat sugar coated marshmallows.  Every spring I look forward to the arrival of Peeps at my local supermarket.  I kid you not, I bought 7 packs of Peeps so far this past month.  I had a large assortment of colors and a good mix of chicks and bunnies taking up residence on my kitchen counter.

Today, I set out to create a Peep wonderland for the kids since they had a snow make up day and were in attendance at school on what should have been their first day of Spring Break.


Peeps S'mores, or should they be called S'meeps?

S'mores are a great treat on a camping trip, at a BBQ, or fresh out of the microwave.  

Top a graham cracker witth a piece of chocolate and your choice of Peep.

Pop them in the microwave for about 10 seconds and smoosh a second graham craker on top. Yum!

I couldn't resist making more.


Peep Centerpieces 

The S'mores were so yummy, I figured I couldn't go wrong with chocolate covered Peeps.  

I filled a mason jar with jelly beans and Peeps to make a cute centerpiece.  I added some chocolate covered Peep lollypops.

Next, I filled a vase with pink crinkle, but you could use Easter grass.  I added chocolate covered Peep lollypops along with some natural Peeps on lollypop sticks.


Peeps In A Nest

These little chicks enjoyed a swim in the chocolate.  


Peep Banana Boat

Evan's favorite treat on a campout is a banana boat.   I thought I would try to improve on his recipe with Peeps.  I had never had one before, but I was instructed to slice a banana in half and fill it with marshmallows and chocolate.  Then, I placed it in the microwave for 10 seconds.  It is like a s'more without the graham cracker.  


Peep Mimosas for kids (orange juice with seltzer)

The kids love to sip drinks from champagne glasses on special occasions.  I rimmed the glasses with rainbow nonpareils and I added a Peep.  Then, I mixed orange juice with seltzer for a bubbly surprise. 


Peep Straws

For the little ones, I decorated their straws with Peeps and rimmed the top of their glasses with white sugar.


Hot Cocoa and Peeps

Hot cocoa is always better with marshmallows so I figured it would be 10X better with Peeps.

How do you enjoy your Peeps?


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