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On February 13, 2010, my life was changed forever.

The morning before started out the same as any other.  As I drove the kids to school, I imagined the little man who would be joining our family in less than 20 weeks.  I was more than halfway there. I thought to myself that Bennett would be a nice name for the new baby.  It meant blessed little one.

By early the next day, Bennett was gone. 

Eight months later, I was back in the same hospital room, 25 weeks pregnant with another little boy.  I wound up at the hospital due to a high fever and feeling very ill.  During the ultrasound, the doctor told me there was no heartbeat.  How could this happen twice in the same year?

Elijah was born still on October 19, 2010.

Exactly one month ago, I placed a request with Held Your Whole Life http://www.heldyourwholelife.com for a personalized hand stamped necklace in honor of my sons.  Held Your Whole Life's  mission is to support families whose babies never took a breath. The Barth family started this organization in honor of their son, Asher Finn.  Their hope is to bring recognition to these babies born in silence.  By gifting these beautiful necklaces to bereaved parents, they acknowledge our babies existed. 

My necklace was sponsored through the generosity of Lindsey Goins in memory of her angel baby, Cade Eugene.  Thank you to Lindsey and to the Barth family.  If you would like to receive a necklace in honor of your child, the waiting list is opened for requests on the first of each month. 

How wonderful it is to recognize that I held my babies for their entire lives.  All they ever knew was my arms.  The only sound they heard was my heartbeat.   My babies only knew love.



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