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I have been looking for ways to reorganize our living spaces.  With ten people living in a medium sized raised ranch, it tends to get a bit cluttered around here.  My husband doesn't quite know how hard this Pinteresting post is going to hit him.  I have big plans for what I would like to get accomplished.  Hopefully, a few projects will get completed before summer vacation starts.  Maybe I can recruit a kid or two to help me out.

The little girls' room can be a disaster.  There are three of them in there which means three times the toys, three times the clothes, and three beds.  Right now, Alice and Lucie share a bunk bed and Josie is in a toddler bed.  There is no room for a dresser, so all of the clothes are organized (for the most part) in the closet on wire shelving.  The walls have not been painted since I surprised my husband by painting the room when I was 6 months pregnant with Lucie.  A fresh caot of paint and some spackle can hide the beautiful waist-high crayon mural behind the door and the hole in the wall.  Every time the girls ask to have a playdate, I cringe, saying,  "As long as you don't go in your room."  

Shelving is a  big issue in the room.  I think these shelves would be great for storing toys and dolls.

We are a family of avid readers.  These book shelves are actually spice racks from IKEA.  What a great idea.  Plus, I am always looking for an excuse to take a road trip to IKEA.

I wonder if we could make something along these lines for one of the girls.  I would love to have more storage.  Pierre is pretty good at building furniture for the kids rooms and he's had plenty of practice building loft beds.

I love this shelf.  I would love this or somthing similar for my little girls.

What would a tree be without a swing?

The kids are prolific artists.  I should frame their artwork to decorate their rooms.  I may do something like this in all of their rooms.

This storage solution could work in our bathroom or in any of our bedrooms.  I can picture my towels organized in these cubbies, as well toiletries down in the teenagers' rooms.

The front entryway is oftentimes a big mess.  There is a pile of shoes, schoolbags, and coats all over the landing which trails down the stairs to the laundry room door. When the doorbell rings, I am always scurrying trying to shove the mess into the corner, out of sight.  I wonder if I have enough room by the front door to make this work.  

The toys have overtaken my living room.  This bench, which doubles as a storage unit might be the answer to my problem of not enough seating and the need for a better organizational system for toys.  The bench is made from an IKEA bookshelf turned on its side.  I am already thinking ahead to fabrics for the cushion and cute throw pillows.

What other Pinteresting ideas do you have for me?  Let me know in the comments section or on Facebook at  https://www.facebook.com/BeyondTheCrib.

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