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The first time my child brought home a homework packet, I thought they were the greatest gift of all time. I only have one due date to remember (Thursday), and I can portion out the assignments to fill the week. 

Yeah, right.

Sometime around Tuesday I start stressing out. How did I let the weekend go? It was raining, surely, I could have pulled out the packets to fill the time.

The Little Miss Type A is at my side as soon as she hears the papers rustle. Little Miss Procrastination goes to hide in her room.

Little Miss Type A: Is it time to do homework? It's due Thursday. Today is Tuesday. That's two days from now. Can I help you sharpen the pencils? 

Me: Yes. I know. Can you go find your sister?

Little Miss Type A: (Happily skipping off) Sure! HOMEWORK! 


I run through the house looking for pencil sharpeners and pencils with erasers. Didn't I just buy a pack last week.? What do they do with them? Do they eat them?


Little Miss Procrastination: Let me find my folder.

Little Miss Type A: Here's my folder. Can we start? Do you have my pencil? Where's an eraser? Can we start now? It's due on Thursday!

Little Miss Procrastination: Mom, sit with me.

Little Miss Type A: Mom, sit with me.

Me: First, let me grab the pencils…and a few Motrin.

Little Miss Procrastination: What am I supposed to do? I'm bored.

Little Miss Type A: Look Mommy! I almost finished the first page. This is easy.

Little Miss Procrastination: Moooooooom! She took my pencil!

Little Miss Type A: No I didn't. This is fun! I love homework!

Little Miss Procrastination: I don't want to do this. Mom! She's looking at me.

Little Miss Type A: No, I'm not. 

Me: Don't look at each other. Let's get started.

Little Miss Type A: I'm almost done, Mommy.

Little Miss Procrastination: Help me!

Me: Let's read this story. 

Little Miss Procrastination: See Jane run. Joe has a ball…I have a ball. We played at recess. Did I tell you what happened at school today? I'm bored. Can I take a break?

Me: No, let's finish up.

Little Miss Type A: I'm done, Mommy! I'm going to go play. (Happily skips off)

Little Miss Procrastination: Can I take a break?

Me: No. We need to do your reader response...Pick a story and compare the plot to something that has happened in your life. Use lots of details and descriptive words. Make sure you write at least 6 sentences. Then, read a newspaper article. Tell what you knew about the subject before reading the article,and then what you learned after reading the article. 

Little Miss Procrastination: Can I take a break?

Me: Yes.

Needless to say, homework time is not only the hardest time of my day, but it is the hardest time of my week.

*Note: All homework is done and handed in on time.


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