Hotel Ice

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Family vacations are all about the ice bucket.

Hotels have the best kind of ice – cylindrically shaped with a hole in the middle.

Sticking the key in the slot, our temporary home awaits us. We head into the bathroom to see if there are plastic cups or real glasses next to the sink. I stop to play with the soaps and shampoo. Pulling a shower cap out of a box, we laugh as we place it on our heads. Finally, I grab the empty plastic treasure chest.

Together, our socks glide down the carpeted hallway.

The smell of maple syrup lingers as I jump over remnants of our neighbor's breakfast which is accompanied by a folded copy of today's news. I let my fingers flick the do not disturb signs as I listen for signs of life.

A familiar hum fills the air as we near the room at the end of the hall. There sits the ice machine next to a tall vending machine filled with goodies.

We fight over who gets to open the freezer door. Taking turns, we scoop the ice into the plastic bag lined container.

Quickly, we skip back down the hall with a piece of ice encircling our tongues.

Don't overlook the simple joys.



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