I Want To Throw A First Moon Party

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Where do you think I can find a vagina cake? 

Frustrated that she is the last of her friends to get her period, the tween in the video decides to put nail polish on a pad and pretend that it is her time of the month. Her mom sees right through the lie, partly due to the glitter in the "blood", and she organizes a period-themed "First Moon Party" to mark this red-letter day. Never underestimate the lengths a mother will go to in order to expose the truth.

HelloFlo is to the menstrual cycle what the Dollar Shave Club is to stubble. I love the idea of having tampons delivered to my doorstep in tune with my cycle, since every month I am largely unprepared. HelloFlo would save my husband many a middle of the night trip to the store. He always remembers the candy, too!

I may or may not know a girl who faked her period.

Bloody nose + maxi pad = a very convincing first period.

This girl may or may not have thought it out very clearly, as she may or may not have only been eight years old. She may or may not have been dragged from specialist to specialist to find out why she was in precocious puberty. 

Lets just say, a first moon party would have been preferable.




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