Ice Cream Cupcakes

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Abigail requested ice cream cake for her 15th birthday. Only, she does not like whipped cream frosting. She asked if I would be able to find her an ice cream cake frosted with buttercream instead.

What is the mother of a picky eater to do? Right, make homemade ice cream cake. We are cupcake lovers here, so I thought I would make ice cream cupcakes instead. It was much easier than I expected, and they tasted better than a store-bought ice cream cake. The kids absolutely loved them. Abigail asked if I would make these every year for her birthday, even when she is 101.

If you would like to try this fun and yummy treat for your next celebration, follow these easy steps.


First, fill the cupcake liners 1/4 of the way with brownie batter and bake for 12 minutes.

When they cool, scoop or pipe a layer ice cream on top of the brownie.

If you wish to add crunch, add broken up cookies or crushed chocolate bars. I used crushed Heath Bars.

Then, if you choose, add another layer of ice cream.

I added a dollop of hot fudge before I placed the cupcakes in the freezer to harden.

Once the ice cream hardens, top with your favorite frosting.


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