Kit Kat Cake

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Kit Kats are my son's candy of choice. With his eleventh birthday approaching, I decided to surprise him with a Kit Kat cake.

I had seen this idea recently – surrounding a cake with Kit Kat bars, decorating it with M&Ms and tying it with a bow. I knew this would be the perfect birthday cake for Evan.

It is really very simple to make. All you need is your favorite layer cake recipe (or boxed mix), frosting, Kit Kat bars, M&Ms, and a ribbon.

After the cake is cooled, frost it like you would normally frost a layer cake. Then stick Kit Kat bars all the way around the cake. They will just stick to the frosting. I broke the Kit Kats into two bar sections. In total I used 11 Kit Kat bars for an eight inch cake. Then, pour the M&Ms on top.

Wrap any ribbon around the cake and finish off with a cute bow.

It makes a fun birthday cake, and it is delicious too.


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