Leaving the Nest…Temporarily

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I knew this day would come sooner or later. My biggest boy has left the nest, albeit temporarily.

The notion of sleep-away camp has been flickering in Evan's eyes since learning of this possibility at a Boy Scout meeting earlier this year.

My boy, in a tent, with no cell phone, for a week. His idea of fun and mine do not always mesh. How I gave birth to this adventurous boy, I do not know. 

My son, is not blind to the realities of life. When given the opportunity to help out he always finds a way, and he is persistant. With a stack of coupon books in his hands, he hit up every house within a three block radius. Afterward, he approached the manager of our local convenience store/gas station asking if he would be allowed to sell books outside the store. Not only did the manager let him, he bought two books from him as well.

Who can say no to a boy in uniform? Not many, as we learned that day. 

Earlier this week, the girls were concerned for his safety, or rather they were teasing him about possibly never seeing his again. Always the comedian, he said, "Don't worry. I only have to be faster than one kid." 

His trunk has been packed and ready for days now. Busily scurrying from room to room, he secured all his supplies. The child even remembered band-aids and tissues. Admittedly, I think he is more prepared that I ever am.

Did you know, according to Evan, that the fun part of camping is getting stinky? Here's to hoping the soap comes out of the container a few times this week. He took great joy in telling his grandmother there would be no bathrooms (there are) and that he would use trees instead. Concerned, she asked about toilet paper and he told her he didn't need any, because there were plenty of leaves. 

Yesterday, Pierre asked Evan if he was going to miss him. Evan looked at him seriously and said, "I have two lists – people who I will miss and people I won't. You are on one of those lists." Later, he told me that I was on the list of people he was going to miss and dad was definitely on one of the lists.

Jimmy Fallon, move over. After Evan gets back from camp, you may have some competition.






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