Lunch Date

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Today, I had a spur of the moment lunch date with two of my favorite guys.

The cupboards were bare. Not really, but there was nothing to eat. At least nothing quick and easy. Also, it was 90 degrees, and we don't have air conditioning. I suggested burgers, in the hopes we could escape to someplace cool for a little while. I know Pierre hates air conditioning, but he doesn't usually turn down the offer of a good burger.

We set out with no definite plans. I didn't want McDonald's, and although I usually love to go to the local ice cream burger shack, I did not want to sit outside. 

As we drove we remembered we had wanted to try Daddy Os, a place in town that we had heard great things about. Linus was very excited to be out with us. He didn't even fight as we sat him in the high chair. 

Pierre enjoyed his burger and I had one of the best salads ever, a Black and Bleu Chicken Salad. Linus stated off with an appetizer of saltines. Our kind waiter was very generous with those little cracker packets. Linus was very happy with his chicken fingers, french fries, and lemonade.

For dessert, Linus had a bowl of ice cream. What could be better than ice cream?





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