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Hey, Target.  I'm a plus sized chick and I had a good chuckle tonight over the plus sized dress offered in Manatee Grey.  I guess I don't have a problem with the color, since I have seen that label on other items in the store.  The first time I remember noticing the color was on a cute pair of baby pants, or a towel, or something which I wound up purchasing because it was called Manatee Grey. 

Manatees are cute and snuggly.  Well, I imagine they would be snuggly, if you could snuggle with a manatee.  My oldest daughter always had an affinity for the sea cow.  When I think of Manatees, I think of bringing my sweet girl to the aquarium.

I suppose the reason so many women were offended by the choice of wording is the fact that the standard sized dress in the exact color was called Dark Heather Grey.  Target apologized and claimed that it was an unintentional oversight.  I can see that.  I can also see some snobby buyer choosing Manatee Grey as the name to stick it to us fluffy chicks.  At least the counterpart to the Calistoga Blue dress in plus size wasn't called Beluga Blue.  Then, maybe I would think Target is a little bit prejudiced aganst plus sized women.

Do you want to know the first thing I noticed when the two dresses were placed side by side.  The standard sized dress costs $24.99, while the plus sized one only costs $22.00.  Plus size ladies, stop complaining about the color before Target looks closer and notices the discrepancy in price.

What do you think about the color Manatee Grey?





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