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Fellow blogger C. Jane Kendrick shared her most embarrassing moment with us last week. Those of us who were brave enough, shared our stories with her.  My embarrassing moments range from having my child lift my shirt up in center court of the mall to falling in a bridal procession.  There are those little moments where the wrong words just seem to fall out of my mouth or when I realized my shirt was on inside out and backwards.  However, when embarrassing moments are spoken of, there is one that stands out in my mind.

Picture me in seventh grade.  I had just gotten my braces off.  I wore glasses with large pink plastic frames.  I still hadn't figured out how to style my somewhat frizzy hair, which I thought could be made better by perming.  Sometimes, I wore a bow in my hair.  I thought I looked cool, maybe if I were Minnie Mouse, I guess.  I was constantly dieting – losing 15 pounds, gaining 15 pounds.  My wardrobe was filled with powder pink sweaters, neon jewelry, and stretchy acid washed jeans.  I was about as cool as Drew Barrymore's character, Josie Geller, in the movie Never Been Kissed.

Note:  Picture is from 8th grade, but I was still rocking the same style!

I will admit I was a little bit boy crazy.  I knew girls, my age, who actually went on dates.  At least, that what they told me.  Looking back, probably based on the fact that I have daughters, seventh grade is way too young to date.

I had a huge crush on an eighth grade boy.  I doodled his name and mine inside little hearts. I whispered about him to my friends, maybe a little too loudly.  I was caught staring off into space, daydreaming about him noticing me.  I guess word got out.  Kids Troublemakers in my school started telling me he liked me.  Now, I wasn't stupid.  I knew in my heart he would never even give me a second glance.  Still, what if it was true?  Maybe I smiled his way a little too often.  Maybe I tried to start conversation when I saw him.  Sometimes the fine line between a teenage girl with a crush and stalker gets a little blurry.  Girls in my class started edging me on.  Boys in his class started teasing me.  I must have looked like the biggest fool. I am so embarrassed just thinking about frumpy little me believing a boy liked me, and all those kids laughing at me.

Finally, it was the day of the eight grade awards ceremony.  The middle school was invited to be in attendance.  As I sat there, the eight graders read their Last Will and Testament.  I should have known it was coming… "XXXX leaves and autographed picture of himself to Jennifer."  I sat there straight faced.  I think I may have cracked a smile to be a good sport. Inside, I died a little.   Everyone was laughing.  Even the teachers were laughing.  I felt so betrayed by the kids I went to school with for 7+ years and by the teachers for allowing the students to do that to me.  It started out with a silly little girl with a silly little crush and it all ended so badly.  

I walked back to my classroom with my head held high.  One friend told me that I was really tough and I just smiled.  No one else was brave enough to say anything to me.  My teacher didn't even make eye contact with me.  I knew if I cried I would never hear the end of it.  

I never mentioned what happened that day or his name again.

Now that I have put myself out there, would anyone like to share their embarrassing moments with me?   Comment below or on my Facebook page.



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