My Dog is Addicted to Carbs

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My dog, Mattie, has an unhealthy relationship with carbs. 

Is Mattie a Carbaholic?

Mattie has no control when it comes to carbs.  If she smells a bagel or an english muffin in the toaster, her ears perk up, she starts to pant, and then she looks for an easy target.  Will she hang out under the high chair in case Linus drops his breakfast or will she try to snatch a carbohydrate laden muffin out of Josie's hands when she needs to "pat, pat, pat" for Rocket on Little Einsteins?

Mattie has not been able to cut down on the amount of carbohydrates she eats steals. 

I am not sure that Mattie actually eats the carbs she snatches.  I have caught her sneaking a nibble or a lick here and there.  She much prefers to cuddle and sleep with her carbs. 

If you remove the carb from Mattie's possession, she will hunt it down and claim it again.  No matter how far down in the garbage bag you hide it, Mattie will find it.  No sooner you walk out of the kitchen, thinking you have outsmarted her, she will run by with the bagel hanging out of her mouth. 

Goodnight, Mattie.  I hope that bagel still loves you in the morning.


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