Pacifier Pod

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I'll admit it. I always lose the pacifier. Well, that's not entirely true, sometimes my toddler swipes it, and after sticking it in her own mouth hides it in the black hole called my sofa. I needed to find a home for Binky. I have various pacifiers in hard to reach places collecting dust and a stash of Ziploc bags in the baby bag that had functioned as a temporary home on the go.

The Pacifier Pod is a 2X2 pouch used to store pacifiers in. It has a vinyl lining inside so that no lint will accumulate on the pacifier (like when you stick it in your pocket.) The Pacifier Pod has a convenient Velcro handle so that you can attach the Pacifier Pod to your car seat, pocketbook, baby bag, or even your belt buckle. I bought an extra one which I hooked on the baby swing in my living room. Not only is the Pacifier Pod functional, it's cute too. You can purchase the Pacifier Pod in various designs. They even have ones to match your JJ Cole diaper bag.


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