Pinteresting Spring Finds

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Spring Break starts today, so I went looking for some fun crafts to do with the kids.  Here are my top five Pinteresting Spring crafts!

1. Mustache Easter Eggs

My kids love to rock a cool mustache.  My almost  12 year old has asked to have a mustache themed party.  These eggs would make the perfect centerpiece.

2. Button Bookmarks

We have amassed a huge button collection.  These bookmarks look like a fun craft project to work on with my little bookworms over break.  I bet these would be great trinkets to throw into goodie bags or give away to friends "just because."

3. Crayon Tins

How cute are these?  I feel the urge to go buy a bunch of Altoids so I can make these adorable crayon holders to throw in my purse for long waiting room visits, trips in the car, and just about any other time I need to keep my little ones busy on the go.  I might craft a few of these up as sewing kits and first aid kits too.

4. Egg Ceneterpiece

I love this simple, yet elegant table centerpiece.  I would love to display this on my table during Easter dinner.

5. Owl Gift Bags

My girls would love to receive these goodie bags at their next birthday bash.


What are you planning for Spring?  Leave a link to your Pinteresting ideas in the comments section below.  


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