Pixie Cut

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Katie has the most adorable pixie haircut. I'll admit I was a bit nervous as I sat watching the hairdresser cut away. Luckily, we had been doing this in stages – from hair that used to touch her lower back to a cute bob, to a pixie cut. Katie's hair suits her face, her style, and her attitude. 

I think back to my hair as a little girl. The only hairstyle I remember  having was short. My mom told me she wanted me to have hair like Dorothy Hamill. Then, she started having it cut shorter and shorter. There is no good reason a little girl should have her hair cut by a barber. I hated the small of the powder from the green can he would brush on the back of my neck. 

I used to dream about having long hair. I wanted to wear those braided ribbon barrettes. I planned out which color combinations I would need once my hair grew long enough.

My mom tried to blame me for having short hair. She told me that I didn't let her brush my hair when I was little. I guess my punishment was having to have my hair cut every six weeks. At what point do you decide that cutting all your child's hair off is a good solution?

Around week five, I would notice it was about time for a hair cut. I would cry and beg to let it grow longer. I promised I would brush it, but honestly, I couldn't remember a time when I didn't brush it. All my tears were useless. By week six, i was back in the chair.

Didn't she realize how I felt? I wanted to look like a princess and all I could pass for was a tomboy, or even worse, a boy. I will always remember the elderly couple who asked me to help them reach a box of cereal at Key Food. As I handed them their Bran Flakes, they said, "Thank you, son." Devastated isn't even strong enough for how I felt. Couldn't they see my earrings? I took this to mean I was ugly – a stupid, ugly boy.

That was it. I was going to yell and scream and refuse to get back in that barber chair. I hoped that I would accomplish more than just getting grounded. Finally, I had a bit of success. My mother allowed me to start growing out my hair. Do you know what I wound up with? A mullet. Not only a mullet, but a mullet that curled up at the ends. 

Once my hair started growing in, I realized I had naturally wavy, almost curly hair. Hours were spent brushing it and styling it. Unfortunately, once my hair was long enough, the 80s were almost over, and those barrettes were out of style. Instead, I saved up to buy scrunchies and banana clips. 

I  have decided that I cannot pull off short hair, so I am going to let Anne Hathaway, Emma Watson, and my Katie rock those super cute short dos. 









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