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What would your child do when faced with a potentially dangerous situation?

Yesterday, my daughter made the decision to get into a car with a guy she doesn't trust.

It wasn't her first encounter with him. He is few years older, and she knows him from school. Something about him makes her uncomfortable. He likes my daughter a little too much. Last year, his words scared her and she cut off all communications with him. He made it clear that he was only interested in one thing.

Last evening, she felt a car following her. When she saw who it was she tried to brush him off. Insisting that she didn't need a ride home,she quickened her pace. He was not going to take no for an answer, so he swung his car in front of her, blocking her in.

She got in his car.

What was she thinking? Can you believe that this intelligent girl opened the car door and sat down next to him?

I taught her to protect herself. Wasn't she listening to me?

I remember being out with friends when I was a little younger than her. A van, driving suspiciously slow crept up next to us. Before we knew it, the driver's hands were down his pants and he was exposing himself to us. I wasn't more than 12 years old, but I knew to turn on my heels and run.

Stranger Danger!

My daughter has a cell phone, a voice, and common sense. She didn't use any of these last night.

He could have driven her anywhere. Anywhere but home.

This story could have ended differently. Her story could have ended last night.

Luckily, he drove her home. He wanted more, but that is her story to tell, not mine.

For now, she is safe.

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