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Dear NBC Executives,

Stop playing around with Smash.  Last season was great.  Every Monday at 10, the kids would be all be in bed, and my husband and I could sit on the couch and watch our favorite new show together.  It takes a lot for me to have a favorite television show, and it is a sheer miracle when I can share a favorite show with my husband.  He tends to like action, spy, science shows that don't interest me.  I like shows like…well, like Smash.

Smash is everything I had hoped Glee was going to be.  What a terrible disappointment that show turned out to be.  I was barely able to get through the first episode.  I was so excited to see that NBC would be featuring a musical theater show in their lineup.  Finally, a show after my heart. I had hopes that NBC would do it right.

Every week, I look forward to hearing more songs from Hit List.  I love the choreography in Bombshell.  It is an added treat to see what goes on behind the scenes and learn more about what it takes to put on a Broadway production. If these shows went on tour, I would buy tickets. Make them into a movie, something.  I feel like I am being left hanging.  I need to see more. 

Musicals are my happy place. I saw my first Broadway show when I was barely six years old. It was Peter Pan starring Sandy Duncan. That playbill was my prized possession.  I carried it with me everywhere. My kindergarten teacher gave me a highlighter as a prize.  I knew you used a highlighter to point out the most important parts of a book.  I colored every page, every line bright yellow. Each and every page was important, and I was going to show the world what theater meant to me. I can list for you every show I've seen, where I sat, and who played the lead that day. I remember sitting in the audience, just a few rows away from Bernadette Peters as she starred in Song and Dance.  I was mesmerized, both by her beautiful hair and her amazing voice.

Stop switching the day and especially the time Smash airs.  It is like a guessing game each week and I wind up having to watch it On Demand.  You are intentionally trying to kill this show.  

Sitting in a dark theater, I feel like the actors are performing for me, and me alone. When I watch Smash, it brings me back to my first time in the theater, eyes fixed above me.  If I stretch my fingertips up, I can fly with Peter Pan again.

Please don't take that feeling away from me.  



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