Searching for a Tribe to Call My Own

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Preschool was the first time I was thrust into a situation where I was around a group of children my age. My main goal, first and foremost, was to create friendships. Locate the first girl I saw, follow her around, ask her to be my friend, and subsequently scare her away because I was so excited to have a new friend. I didn't learn my lesson as I grew older. Jumping in head first is not always the smart thing to do. Now that I am older and wiser, insecurity sometimes takes control causing me to have quite the opposite problem.

Like the real world, blogging has, at times, made me feel lonely and isolated.

Lonely and isolated in the world of social media? I don't think I have ever typed a greater oxymoron.

I find myself pouring my heart and soul into a post hoping that if I promote it, I will gain followers. Even better, someone will connect with what I am saying and promote me to their friends and network of bloggers. It is a very one-sided relationship I am having here.

There are days when I feel like I am begging people to notice me, to follow me, or to comment on something I have written. I feel like my voice is echoing, “Hello? Look at me!” Everyone yearns for a little acknowledgement to show them that what they are doing is worthwhile. My insecurities start to come into play here. That little four year old girl who wanted people to like her is sitting at the keyboard, pleading for interactions with her words.

Do other bloggers feel the same way?

I have heard that the best way to combat this feeling of isolation is to create blogging tribe.

Great idea. Now how do I get started?

Everyone who I have “met” through the blogging community has been wonderful. The idea of taking this one step further and forming a blogging tribe and making my experiences more personal is an exciting prospect. 

Is there a for bloggers?

The blogging community is vast and somewhat overwhelming at times. I have made great connections through Facebook and Twitter. Every day I jump on blog hops and comment on statuses. I was a reader before I was a blogger, so I can honestly say that I enjoy reading other blogs and getting drawn into new worlds and experiences. It is equally amazing when I find other women and men that share a similar story to mine. 

There are days when I wish that the blogging community was more like public school. How great would it be to connect with other bloggers on a more personal level over a pizza or coffee? Since we share the same thoughts or experiences, we could help each other out. I know we would share laughs and tears and a sense of camaraderie. 

Like those days, back in school, I am looking for a group (or two) of friends or tribes where I can find support, friendship, and even a few laughs. 

It's time for me to take the first step and reach out to different blogging groups.

Consider this my personal ad. I'm just searching for a tribe to call my own.




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