Products That Make Shopping With Your Toddler Easier

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It is always an adventure when you head out to the mall or grocery store with a toddler. Don’t worry, it is possible to shop and keep your little one happy at the same time.

Check out my tips and tricks for keeping your sanity when shopping with your little ones.



Once your little one is old enough to sit in the cart unassisted he is sure to put his hands and mouth on every surface available. A cart cover is a lifesaver when it comes to avoiding germs.

Infantino Compact Cart Cover

Infantino_Compact_Cart_CoverThe Infantino Compact Cart Cover does the trick. The pockets on the inside are great for holding toys. Plus, it comes with a teether and another loop to attach your toddlers favorite toy. It fits cart of all sizes, even the extra large carts at the warehouse stores. The cover easily folds into itself and it compact enough to be thrown into the baby bag or even your purse.The fabric is easy to clean, just throw it in the washing machine.


Pack A Snack

It is always best to schedule your shopping trips around meals and nap time if you want to avoid a cranky kid. That being said, make sure to pack snacks and bring a sippy cup. Just the mere sight of fishy crackers might send your little one into fits of hunger, so it is good to be prepared.

Snack Trap

You give your toddler a container filled with Cheerios. He smiles up at you, giggles, and then turns the cup upside down. Now there are Cheerios everywhere. You will still be finding them under the couch next Tuesday.

Snack_TrapI purchased a Snack Trap to control messes around the house, but I also bring one along with me when we are in the car or at the mall. This snack container is designed for children ages 1 through 5. These tip resistant cups feature handles on either side. The lid is made of a flexible material with slits in the center that enable your child to retrieve food easily. The lid closes automatically after your toddler removes his hand. This cup can be dumped, tossed, knocked over, or thrown in the midst of a toddler temper tantrum without spilling its contents.

These cups are colorful with fun designs on them. Best of all they are BPA , latex, and lead free.


Bring Along Entertainment

Kidsafe_Kids_iPad_2_3_4_CaseThis may come in the form of a a fun toy or a favorite show uploaded to your iPad, but be sure to protect your device with a child safe case.

Kidsafe Kids iPad 2 3 4 Case

This Kidsafe Kids iPad 2 3 4 case is perfect for a toddler on the go. It is both sturdy and practical. It features two handles, one of which works as a stand. In addition, all of the buttons are accessible and the iPad can be easily charged.


Make Things Easier on Yourself

How many grocery bags can I carry before I lose circulation in my fingers? This is a question I try to find the answer to on a daily basis. Add in a purse and a baby bag and the welts going up my arm multiply from trying to carry all the heavy bags at once. If there was ever a time I wish I could transform into an octopus, it is when I am out shopping with the kids. I never feel like I have enough hands. One hand is pushing the stroller while another is holding a hand. Plus, there are shopping bags shoved into every crevice of the stroller.

The following items have saved my fingers on more than one occasion.

The Mommy Hook

The_Mommy_HookImagine how happy I was when I discovered The Mommy Hook. It easily attaches to a stroller or shopping cart. I can go about my shopping trip without worrying where to put my bags. The Mommy Hook is large enough to hold multiple packages as well as being durable, lightweight and slide resistant. This handy hook can easily hold diaper bags, shopping bags, groceries, beach bags, sports equipment and so much more. You can even keep your groceries hooked together to quickly and easily unload your car once you are back home.

Mighty Handle

Mighty_HandleWith the Mighty Handle, I can safely and easily carry in all my bags with one hand and wrangle my toddler with the other. The Mighty Handle is simple enough that even my older children can maneuver it with ease. The ergonomic design helps distribute weight evenly allowing you to carry up to 50 pounds of bags in one hand.

Mighty Handle delivers exactly what it claims, “More Bags, One Trip, No Spills.”Not only is Mighty Handle convenient, it is dishwasher safe, 100% recyclable, and made in the USA.

What mother couldn’t use an extra hand?

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