Sistema Small Split Containers

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Josie brings lunch to preschool every day.  Her lunch of choice is Lunchables.  She is a big fan of finger foods over sandwiches.  I had been purchasing lots of the small lunch packs with crackers, meat, and cheese.  When Lunchables would go on sale, I would buy 20 of them to make sure I was stocked up.  At one dollar or more per package I figured I should come up with a better solution.

I set out to find the perfect container.  My criteria: it had to fit into Josie's lunchbox along with her water bottle and snack, it had to be easy to open, and it needed to have at least two sections.  Sistema's Small Split Containers were perfect.  Featuring two sides, I can keep the crackers separate from the cheese or keep fruits and veggies on their own sides.  The container features a double sided latch which is easy enough for Josie to open and close on her own.  The Sistema containers are fun and brightly colored (Josie's is hot pink and purple).  They are also microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe as well as BPA Free.


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