The Gift

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A few months ago, we received an rather unexpected gift. We were a bit taken aback because we were not expecting anything to arrive.


I placed the package to the side and waited to open it.

After a day or two, I started to peel back the tape. Peering inside, I realized that, indeed, this gift was for us.

Being that it was so fragile, I knew great care needed to be taken. I placed it back into the package and set it on the shelf until I knew it could be safe.

For the next few days, we discussed where the gift should go and who we would share it with.

My excitement grew exponentially.

Every day I would open the box and marvel at the wonder and beauty of this precious gift. Still, I kept it hidden. I needed to wait for the right time.

Imagining life with my new gift, I was getting ready to display it for all the world to see.

Picking the box off the shelf, it felt lighter. As I peeled back the tape like I had in the past, I realized the box was now empty.

I didn’t know how much I couldĀ miss something that was barely mine to begin with.






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