Trapper Keeper

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It’s back to school shopping time.

When I was in grammar school, I remember heading out to the office supply store with a few very important items on my mind — Hello Kitty pencils, Lisa Frank folders, and of course, a Trapper Keeper. There were so many to choose from, but I finally decided one with rainbow colored hearts floating through the sky.

I couldn’t wait until the first day of school so I could see which Trapper my best friend picked out.

I wish I could still carry my important papers around in one of these colorful binders, but they might look at me a little strange when I walk into the next PTA meeting with a unicorn themed Trapper under my arm.

Along with Hello Kitty and Lisa Frank, Trapper Keepers never went out of style. I do have my eye on a cool R2D2 Trapper.

I recently introduced my daughters to the magic of the Trapper Keeper and they are hooked.

What did your Trapper Keeper look like?

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  1. Shannan Younger

    I love the idea of taking a Trapper Keeper to a PTA meeting. I would definitely want to sit next to you! Pretty sure that I picked out the same one that you did.

  2. Jennifer Swartvagher

    We would be so cool toting our Trappers to school events. We would be trendsetters!

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