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Introvert or wallflower?

I will often describe myself as a shy extrovert. Does that even exist?

I seek out social occasions, but tend to hang out on the sidelines. Wallflower seems to fit me,but the term reminds me of the awkward girl with braces and glasses hugging the wall waiting for a boy to ask her to dance.

I love going to the amusement park, but won’t set foot on a ride. I have been on dozens of roller coasters in my lifetime, and I do not enjoy them.

So why do I still get excited when the carnival comes to town?

I love the feel of the wind rushing past me as the whip propels people forwards and backwards. The strobe lights mesmerize me and the smell of cotton candy draws me in.

When I am at a party, I become exhilarated by the beat of the music, but I am often too self conscious to dance, at least not on my own. At these times, I feel lonely, even when surrounded by a room filled with people.

I begin to shrink against the wall trying to make myself invisible. Slowly, I creep up, searching for a friendly smile. Sometimes, a hand reaches out and pulls me into the crowd.

Other times, I stand alone, content to simply observe. Party lights

Don’t mistake my silence for awkwardness. I am proud to be a wallflower.






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