Weekly Wrap Up 4/7

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Here is what we were busy with last week:

Monday:  While still on a sugar high, I sent my kids back to school after spring break.  As my son walked out of his room eating a chocolate bunny, I silently wished the teachers good luck.  Relishing in the quiet, I spent a few minutes hours on Pinterest and decided, unbeknownst to my husband, to redecorate the enitre house.

Also on Monday, I received a beautiful necklace from Held Your Whole Life.

Tuesday:  Dawn from The Ryan Express stopped by and shared her thoughts on World Autism Awareness Day,

Wednesday:  In honor of World Plagiocephaly Awareness Day, I reminisced about Linus' three months wearing a helmet.

Thursday:  I became increasingly frustrated with my hair.  I also found out Target and I have a mutual love of manatees

Friday:  Teenagers are great, and teenagers with mood swings are even better! 

Also on Friday, the radio had played Taylor Swift's new song, 22, so many times that I started singing my own tune.


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