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This summer, I was introduced to the Wubble Ball at Blogger Bash. The Wubble Ball is like not other ball I have ever seen. Imagine you are outside blowing bubbles. Yet these bubbles, although light and airy, are strong enough to withstand you playing with them. I knew my children were going to love this product.

Little did I know, it was already on their wish lists. “The Wubble Bubble Ball!” they exclaimed as we opened the package.


Target agrees with my kids as they have selected the Wubble Bubble Ball as a 2014 Top Toy for the Holiday Season. It was listed among other popular toys and games that are sure to be on every holiday wish list. Plus, the Wubble Bubble Ball is a Family Fun Toy Of The Year Award Winner. The 25 winners are featured in the November 2014 issue of Family Fun Magazine.

The kids couldn't wait to get the ball out of the box and ready to inflate. 


A battery operated pump comes included in the package. You will need 4D batteries to operate the pump. Please take care not to damage your Wubble Ball during inflation. It might be necessary to use a little bit of oil (whatever you have in your kitchen) to insert the pump into the Wubble Ball the first time. If you have any trouble inflating your Wubble ball, you may find this video about "How to Inflate a Wubble Ball" helpful: http://youtu.be/jy4QK8zRcAo.


Once it was inflated, we were ready to go. The kids had a blast watching the Wubble Ball bounce and float through the air. They took turns throwing it to each other and enjoyed playing some of their favorite games, substituting the Wubble Ball for an ordinary playground ball.


Unfortunately, the Wubble Ball did pop, but they offer a lifetime replacement guarantee. For just $6.99, they will ship you a new ball. My kids cannot wait to play with the Wubble Ball again.

Wubble Ball is available at Target, Toys R Us and online at www.wubbleball.com. Wubble Ball is on Twitter and Facebook.

I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review, but my opinions are entirely my own.

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