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11 year olds are dating.


My daughter still thinks boys have cooties, but some of her friends are on their 2nd or 3rd boyfriend.


In the 6th grade I played with dolls. Heck, in the 8th grade I still played with dolls. Either things were different back then or I was socially awkward — or both!


Conversations around our dining room table play out like a scene from Gossip Girl. I know who is dating who, who is on the verge of breaking up, and who is kissing who.




The kicker is that they are kissing at recess, because what 11 year old has money to take someone on a date (or can drive a car to get to said date.)


Last week, one of the girls was discussing her boyfriend and stressing over whether to break up or stay together. My daughter explained, “She doesn’t want to break his ‘red velvet’ heart.”


“Red Velvet heart?”


Sweet girl, stay little for just a while longer.


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